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a is for aloha 
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"a is for aloha" Collection

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It was a quiet morning in my daughter's nursery. A gentle breeze was blowing through my hair, with sounds of the ocean playing in the background.  I remember a blissful feeling of happiness when I saw her smile for the first time. I brought my cheek to hers then kissed her forehead.  Then quietly I whispered "I love you." It is an unconditional emotion that will last forever. 
SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ was born as a bond between you and your baby. I want you to enjoy every calm and relaxing moment, and to remember that you'll always have each other. 
Thank you to the many families and friends for your continued support. I'm truly grateful that SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ has become a part of your daily routine. Mahalo for making us feel special in that way.

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