It's a unique and safe bassinet to provide comfort for your baby during rest and play.
It attaches to US standard crib (28 inches X 52 inches).
It was designed and will be shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii.


  • When should I use SNUGGLE CLOUD ™?

    When your baby is awake.

    For mommy-and-baby fun time.

    When your baby needs rest or relaxation in a soothing and cool environment. 


    NOTE: Your baby should be supervised at ALL TIMES. 


    What are the benefits of SNUGGLE CLOUD ™?

    • Thermoregulation: more mesh, less rash.
    • Breathability: breathable mesh textile.
    • Frame resistance and Durability: tested by US lab.
    • Hypoallergenic: gentle on your baby's skin.


    What material is SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ made with?

    It's 100% high quality cotton.


    Is SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ for any types of cribs?

    SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ is for cribs that:

    1. All side rails have same heights, OR

    2. 2 side rails on opposite side are same heights.

    SNUGGLE CLOUD ™ cannot be used for round cribs. 


    What is the weight limit for SNUGGLE CLOUD™?

    SNUGGLE CLOUD™ is certified to be used up at 25 lb by US testing lab. 


    How should I clean SNUGGLE CLOUD ™?

    We make it easy for moms! For best care, put SNUGGLE CLOUD™ in a laundry bag before placing in washing machine. Hang dry.